A mission was undertaken to find the Excalibur somewhere inside the Rock Ogre's cave.


During their journey, a rock ogre marched on in the fog. Kayley finds the sword on the ogre and so the gang makes the journey to it.

Inside the Cave

The group explores the cave filled with bones that Banzai and the hyenas reminded of food. They eventually find the ogre. The gang lowers Kayley down to claim the sword. Spyro goes off to fend off the ape minions of Cynder, while Ruber and his men find them and they attempt to get them quietly. Ruber flies his griffen to them, but the beast sneezes causing the Orge to awake but Kaa is able to hypnotize back to sleep. Viper is impressed as Kayley gets the sword and has her friends. The ogre however turns as if trying find a better relaxing spot, hitting the villians in the prosess, Kayley and her allies barely escape, the louger wern't so lucky. Ruber is smashed and killed by the ogre's butt.

The Resurrection of Lord Cobra

The Lougers celebrate their capture of the Sword. They then attempt to go to Camelot to deliver the sword. Garrett stays back, knowing he wouldn't be welcomed back. Keyley and Spyro, with the louge distracted by Devon and Carnwall's idiotcy, walked into an ambush. Cynder then brings out Kairi and the ritual begins. Lord Cobra returns once again! After that, he orders the attack on camelot and bring Spyro and Kayley with them

Mission at the Rock Ogre's Cave


  • Kayley and Lougers claim the sword
  • Later, Villains capture Kayley and the ressurection of Lord Cobra began

Shell Louge Squad Villain League RockOgre





Dark Cynder

Rock Ogre

Shell Louge and Friends the leage Rock Ogre

none till later, Kayley and Spyro's capture Ruber None

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