Evil Genie

Evil Genie

Evil Genie was conjured by Chaos as part of a plan to put Aladdin into a truly unpredictable situation. Evil Genie has a more Neanderthal appearance than his good counterpart and is a medium-light puce color.

He was set to destroy Agrabah, but was stopped when Aladdin, who correctly guessed his evil counterpart would never release a genie, found his lamp and wished for him to return the city to normal. Although the Evil Genie was not seen again in the series, it can be assumed that Aladdin and Jasmine hid the black lamp deep within the palace dungeon so that no could ever use it again. The Evil Genie's lamp has been currently found by Mirage who is using this brutish genie as her personal wish-granter thanks to Merlock's amulet having bonded to the lamp, forcing Evil Genie to grant all of Mirage's wishes. Like the Nega versions of Aladdin & Jasmine and Roscoe & DeSoto, Evil Genie has been assigned to guard the Princesses of Heart in the Mountain of Malefor. Evil Genie, like Shadow Aladdin, originated from the Pooh's Adventures universe, but has now been transported to the Spongebob universe thanks to Mirage's influence. He wasn't included into the cycle madness cause Xehanort knew it was desten to be defeated by the lougers, and it was along with Shadow Aladdin and Scourge Jasmine, but Xehanort did the next best thing with them: use word of their defeat and destruction, along with the Japperwock's death, to dwindle and destroy Mang's confindence and faith in Darkness.

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