This duel would mark the end of the battle with the Herd vs Dread's Army and Dread's attempt to enslave his herd.


As the herd dealt with the remaining raptors and moves to the nesting grounds, Dread and his carnotaur found Kron alone climbing the mountain. They pursue him, little did they know that Neera and Aladar were following them. Neera is able to warn of the attack on him. Kron attempts to flee but is unable to go further, being trapped near a cliff. Dread orders Kron's death thorugh his carnotaur. Despite fighting valiantly, the carnotaur eventually mortally wounds him by biting him and throwing him into a rock wall. As the carnotaur prepares to finish him, Neera jumps in and protects her brother, as Kron slowly dies of his wounds. Spyro jumps in but is knocked unconscious by the carnotaur. Cynder, with Simba confronts Dread but the Lord calls for his bodyguard. Aladar then jumps in and manages to push to carnotaur close to the edge, that the ledge crumbles and the carnivore falls. Aladar is grappled by the beast, but is able to climb back to safety. Aladar and Neera look over the dead carnotaur, then to a dead Kron

Demise of Dread

Dread faces off with Simba and Cynder. Dread begs for mercy and even blames the raptors for starting the whole thing. Cynder is disgusted with dread's habits. Then, Cynder turns to an avatar of Dark Cynder and grabs Dread and throws him off the cliff to the battlefield. Dread is then faced with Chesi, Bongo, and Ted. Dread tries to ask for forgiveness, but the raptors dismiss that saying they are now his enemies. With that, the raptor remanent surround their former general and maul him to death.


"Welcome, home."- Aladar to the herd after they make it to the nesting grounds

Cynder turns back to herself, questioning Spyro. The group then gathers breifly for a funeral for Kron, then Aladar leads the survivors to the Nesting Grounds. Within all, dino babies emerged for their new parents. Fidget then gets a letter from Ignightus, who says they can leave for a vacation to Hawaii while taking Kairi with them. He also says that the Nesting grounds would be under their control and that anyone helping them so far can join in the team. Lucky Jack and the Monsters are now Lougers. Thundera proudly joins Iago and the team, putting their love official.


  • Louge Victorious
  • Death of Kron
  • Aladar leads the herd to the nesting grounds
  • Louge goes on vacation to Hawaii
  • Thundera, Lucky Jack, and the Monsters join the Shell Louge Squad

Shell Louge Squad

Villain League









Lord Dread

The Carnotaur

Kron Both combatants killed

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