During the Wonderland Crisis, Alice is kidnapped and taken by the Villains. The Louge continues their journey, but not before clearing the Heartless infestation.


"Have you seen Alice?"

"Alice no, Shadows yes!"

-Sora and Chesire Cat about Alice

Not long after the previous battle, Sora and the Louge headed out to the forest. When the Chesire Cat appeared, he says Alice was nowhere to be found, be still Shadows. The group then is ambushed by Heartless, including giant Bodys. They fight first through the infestation at the ponds and forest. They then reach the Tea Party Table. The Cat tells them to turn on the light, only to be surrounded by the Wonderlians. The March Hare and Hatter claim they are spies. They then prepare to hang the Louge and Cynder until the White Rabbit saved them at the last minute. The Hare explains that Cynder killed the Queen, causing them to perform a rash underground movement. The Rabbit counters it by saying that Cynder did it because the league corrupted her. The Dodo tells them about the Heartless movement continuing, with the Louge promising to help them fight off the threat so they can have their world back.

The fight continues in the housholds, where the Louge pick off the remaining heartless about with their new allies. They then head back to the room of the talking doorknob. The cat appears and warns them of the remaining heartless commander, the trickmaster. Though with feather dusters/Tourches and fire, it is eventually defeated and the battle was finished.


"If you're looking for Alice, she's not here. she is gone off with the shadows into darkness."- Chesire Cat about Alice's disappearance.

The Cat then appears to tell them off that Alice was already gone and that the Villains got away with her before disappearing. The Louge then travels back to the temple. cause of the cammander's death, the heartless infestdation has ended.

Back at the League base, the villains triumph over their capture of a princess of heart. Malenificent explains that they're falling into their hands one by one.

Ignightus is disappointed about the loss of Alice. But he explains that Wonderland needs a new Queen. Dodo suggests that they crown Cynder the new queen. Despite Cynder's protests, she haif-heartingly agrees to the request. The Louge and their allies continue their journey.

Liberation of Wonderland

Moisode: Spongebob and Friends and Alice in Wonderland


  • Heartless Infestation destroyed
  • Cynder crowned Queen of Wonderland, causing the Wonderlians to join the Louge
Shell Louge Squad Heartless




Shell Louge Squad

the Wonderland Court of Miricles movement (Briefly against the louge and confusing them as leage spies)

Sora, Donald and Goofy

The heartless infestdation.
Alice captured still.

Heartless infestdation destroyed.

Trickmaster defeated.

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