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The Festival of Heroes Coliseum

The Festival of Heroes Coliseum is a coliseum somewhere in Greece where Sora and the Shell Lodge Sqaud battled Cerberus, Cloud Strife, and some Heartless. It was supposed to hold the Festival of Heroes, which was a ceremony that celebrated the heroic deeds of heroes across the UUniverses. But the festival ended up getting cancelled due to Hades' schemes to destroy Hercules. It's believed that the Coliseum was later destroyed in The Olympian War by the Cyclops, Hydra, Red Death, and the Stone Jaguar considering the debris similar to the Coliseum. It was unconfirmed whether it was rebuilt after the battle, but it's possible it was, and it might've also been possible that the Festival of Heroes would be rescheduled after a whole year. But even that was unconfirmed since no invitations to such a thing was brought to the Shell Lodgers.

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