"You're under arrest for high treason to the crown!"
—The Sheriff of Nottingham

Friar Tuck was worried about the massive tax growth that Prince John has declared for high treason. The taxes were raised to impossible amounts, and every family that sang 'The Phony King of England' would be invaded by hornets. Anyone who was unable to pay the amounts, or who tried to kill any of the invading hornets would be arrested and put into jail. Almost all of Nottingham was jailed. Friar Tuck was worried that Nottingham would be wiped out. Then one of the mice of his church helped him by giving him a farling. He was grateful, and knew there was hope for Nottingham.

But then, the Sheriff of Nottingham, and the Cheetahs came in. They stole the farling for Prince John, and Friar Tuck persisted that that was for the poor. But the Sheriff just persisted he'd take it for 'poor' Prince John. The arguement got stern. But when the Sheriff threatened him for his preaching, Friar Tuck finally had enough, and attacked the Sheriff.

The fight went on for a while. But after Friar's sight was lost after Trigger put his hood over his face, and the Hornets repeatedly stung him to prevent him from putting his hood out, the Sheriff finally cuffed him and placed him under arrest.

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