Finster was a scientist that worked for both Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, but mostly Rita, and a villain from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and a minor villain from Zeo and In Space.


Finster was freed along with Rita after 10,000 years in imprisonment. He served the role of creating the monsters used to battle the Power Rangers, but after Zedd took control, he did this using his staff on objects from Earth. Finster also supplied wisdom to both Rita and Zedd and created new monsters and weapons for them. He gave Rita the idea of using Alpha 5 to "deliver the message of evil" as she put it. After Zedd and Rita were driven off the moon by the Machine Empire, Finster accompanied them to the M-51 galaxy. When they returned, he accompanied them and helped them in their efforts to overthrow the robotic empire and was responsible for giving Rita a new staff that she used to create the Impursonator monster. Finster also joined the two at the meeting of the United Alliance of Evil on the Cimmerian Planet. He aided in the universal invasion and was presumably destroyed by Zordon's energy wave though this is never confirmed. Finster may have been spared since he was not truly evil, but merely a wise servant and aid. Since Zedd and Rita were transformed into humans, he may too have been transformed into an incarnation of his genius.


Finster is extremely knowledgeable and can create monsters by sculpting them out of clay, then placing them in a kiln/oven in his lab called the Monster-Matic, which brings them to life and grows them to human size.

Role in the series

Finster appears in the Spyro version of MMPR the movie. Originally, he didn't appear in the movie, having his role replaced by Mordant. But in this version, Finster reprises his series role and is loyal to Zedd and Rita, having been trapped in the snowglobe alongside Mirage and his masters, but there is no full garrintie, however, as this was warned to Chernibog fan that he did promise such, but there is no full garrintie.

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