The Forbidden Forest by mezaih1

The Forbidden Forest

The Forbidden Forest is an enchanted area of woodland surrounding the WB Camelot. It was the result of the impact that was left when King Arthur pulled Excalibur from the Stone due to the fact that it's unlimited power kept the UUniverses separate or united. Therefore it was recognized by other-worldly beings as a reminder of what power clashed during the First Cartoonian War and what that power could do. It was once the home of Garen and Ayden for a brief time, as well as Spyro and Sparx after hiding from the power the Villain League possessed after corrupting Cynder. Almost everything in the forest is enchanted, especially plants, and can usually respond to contact by mostly attacking or being used as an advantage. It also has mythological creatures such as dragons and giant ogres. The forest is also maintained by a tribe of nature-manipulating trolls called the Natuku Tribe which have a complex form of communication and worship a nature god called 'Gor-Mor-Dor'.

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