Frollo's Heartless

Frollo's Heartless

Frollo's Heartless, refered to as "Beast of the Chaptel", is the second ever heartless created and the more brutal assisent to Frollo's Nobody in The Hearts of Darkness union as was created as a side creation with said Nobody from darness engry goo and Judge Claude Frollo's DNA.

As of now, Frollo's Heartless continues to serve the Villain League against his free will. However, he will soon be more willing when Xehanort offers equil animosity against the Leage, and that instead of the the leage wants, Xehanort will instead ignight the great cycle, which will send all worlds to darkness, and make everything to his image, and the the heartless will get to be a commander in the controlled Heartless armies that bring in the order of Xehanort in the new united universe, which won over the cruel beast. When they first attacked the Great Generator, Frollo's heartless brutally weakened Doctor Nefarious enough for Xehanort to corrupt him into his respectable heartless form, and enable the great cycle to happened. He and Frollo's Nobody lead the invadion of notre dom, and easily sent it to darkness. However, Frollo's Nobody and Heartless became drunk for power, and the two agreed to plan a revolt against Xehanort and claim the new Great Cycled universe to themselves. Cause of this, it left them vulerable to be surprised by the heroes allied with the reformed nobodies and Qusimodo and friends. Aside from putting up a tough fight, Frollo's Nobody and Heartless were defeated, respectfully.

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