Chaos Lords

Chaos Lords Ymir and Surt

Ymir, the Frost Giant, and Surt, the Fire Ginat, are elemental Dark Spawn Lords of Chaos, summoned by Erik Hellstrom in order to destroy the universe in Atlantis : Milo's Return. Ymir and Surt currently serve as Fang Imperial counterparts to the Titans of the Villain League. Origenally, they were planned to be created by Doodle as his giant bodyguards till Doodle was defeated, then they went on their own with the spear, trying to do exsactly like in the film, only to be defeated when the Red death falls on them, destroying them in the prosess, but they were deleted as a result of Doodle being defeated too soon by the vultures as part of the following re-write.

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