General Clail

General Clail-Oxide

General Clail-Oxide is an Alternate UUniversal Atont from Planet Selcron. He is the very strong-willed and risk-taking soldier Atont leader of the Atont Military who has lead the Atonts well in fighting off the Villains Act in the Atont Rebellion. But despite fighting hard and having an extremely optimistic and faverable attatude and strong belief, Clail is not like this because he wants his race to be part of the Legion of Dominant Races. Rather, he is a hypocritical racist who despises the USRA races, or any race bigger than the Atonts. His real reason for being involved in that war was mostly for the sake of glory and to protect his race from the VA, earning himself even more points by making up claims that he does this to get his race notice, when he doesn't even believe a single word he said. He fights off bigger organisms with his custom-created Yatoran-sized exo-suit operated by both him and his six personal foot soldiers and aided by his right -hand "Man" Captain Jass-Lamoon in an exo suit of a Yurun. He disapproves anything the Atonts want that involve joining the Legion, and even has hard beliefs in the claims of Slebev-Sloa because, despite sharing the same views, Clail knows that Slebev only currently thinks it's not realisticly atthiveable and would change his mind once it does happen, and is against him being the successor of the Atont leader, Gerent Alte-Oucse. He can often be violent with his own painful bite and venomous sting, and will stop at nothing to see his views through.


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  • "A pity I have to ruin the life of someone I more or less agree with just to athhive the same goal: Atont independence from over-powering giants."