"That peg-legged bat is more smarter than I thought"

"But not smart enough to avoid us"

-Brandy and Spongebob about Fidget

AKA Ambush at the Britain Toy Store.


Fidget was able to scare the Louge back at Baker Street, but is forced to retreat as Basil pursues them. Basil discover's Fidget's hat and they set off to pursue them with Toby, a bloodhound following the trail to the toy store.

Inside Store and Ambush

They manage to get to the toy store through a hole in a circle window and enter a big area full of toys. They manage to get up to the second floor. They are disturbed by Olivia's curiousty of a Firemen Band Toy. Basil shuts it off and scolds Olivia for blowing their cover. As such, Fidget and his rat comrades spy on them and plan a trap. Abott and Costello work it out, while Fidget hides in a crib. Basil discovers the footprints to soldier toys, missing their hats and choling. Dawson discovers a list left by Fidget. The toys suddenly come on. Olivia, Sora, and Spongebob find the crib Fidget is in and fidget and his rat comrades capture them and stuff them in a bag. The rats cover Fidget's escape with the toys, but Shenzi is able to knock out the rats (Mainly Costello). Fidget tries to escape througha window but is suddenly surrounded by Night Fury and the Alantis Foreigners. Night Fury then scares Fidget and they take the 3 to their HQ and Baker Street.


"What?!? Basil on the case. And he has captured Fidget and the exchange minions?!?!!"- Ratigan upon hearing the news

The capture goes noticed by Scar and he sends the info to Ratigan, who suddenly begins to lose his temper, but calms as they continue their plans.

Basil is able to discover the paper was designed from sea salt, leadin the base of Ratigan to be in the sewers near the boat houses. The Louge proceeds to take their captives and move in to rescue Olivia's father and Kairi.

Ambush at British Toy Store

Moisode: Spongebob and Friends meet the Great Mouse Dectecive


  • Fidget and the Abbot/Costello rats captured
  • Louge gains location of Ratigan's base

Shell Louge squad Villain League

Basil Fidget



Basil and his allies


2 American Rats(Abbot and Costello)

  • Spongebob, Sora, and Olivia captured briefly, in the end they are rescued
  • Fidget and the rats captured, alters Ratigan's plans.

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