Gideon (or "Giddy") is one of the minor antagonists and the punch-drunk, dim-witted mute cat sidekick of J. Worthington Foulfellow the fox in Disney's 1940 film Pinocchio. He was going to be voiced by Mel Blanc, who voiced Dopey in the 1937 animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but the company decided to delete all of his lines preferring a mute sidekick performance though he has 3 hiccups in the film all voiced by Mel Blanc for which he did receive payment. He's set to actselly appear and not replaced, turnned hero, or just plain deleted, Irregardless of ovivous anti-catisum, but to at least reduse it, Honest John and he will serve in commuity service after their arrest.


Unlike his buddy, Gideon is very dimwitted and foolish. Without Honest John, Gideon would most likely be performing petty theft and pick-pocketing. Like Honest John, however, Gideon has followed the 'easy road', having barely attended school and thusly cannot read or write.

Giddy's wardrobe describes that he is dimwitted, compared to Foulfellow. Gideon wears long, baggy clothing while Foulfellow wears more proper and civilized clothing.



In the film Giddy is walking along the crowded streets of the village. In the village the duo find out thier old friend Stromboli is back in town. In the conversation it is revealed that Giddy was passed off as a puppet to swindle Stromboli. After the duo spot Pinocchio. Honest John insist they use the live puppet to earn money. While Giddy believes they should knock him out and kidnapp the boy, Honest John decided that there were more cunning methods of abduction. While Honest John persuades Pinocchio to join the world of showbiz, Giddy attempts to steal out of Pinocchio's pocket. Giddy along with Honest John walk Pinocchio to Stromboli. When their plans are almost thwarted by Jiminy Cricket, Giddy attepmts to squash him but misses and hits Honest John on the head.

Giddy reappears later on in the Red Lobster Inn with Honest John, enjoying their pay from the scam, and helps Honest John kidnap Pinocchio (and many other boys) to take him to Pleasure Island.

Role in the series

Gideon reprises his role in the film, but is now slightly more heroic (to the point of being a misunderstood character) than he was in the original film, and may even get some actually lines, obviously dubbed from Mel Blanc's other characters that he has voiced, such as Sylvester and Bugs Bunny.

In Disney Villains Revenge, Gideon is a minor character who Spyro and Sora meet on their way over to free Pinocchio from the Coachman. He uses sign language to communicate with the heroes on how Foulfellow tried to rope him into the freakshow circus operation, but he refused, and now he's forced to sell tickets to demonic circusgoers until someone can reverse the spell. When the Keyblade Wielders defeat the Freakshow Ringmaster, Gideon no longer has to sell tickets and thanks the heroes for freeing him and the other heroes of the Pinocchio story.

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