Gigano Dragon

Dragozaur Ground Commander

Beast Mode: Chinese Dragon

Weapons: Dragon Arm laser rifle, Eye Lasers, Super Strength

Gigano Dragon is Diamond Ryugu's loyal second-in-command of the Dragozaur forces. When he first appeared in the short comic, it seemed as though he were the leader of the evil forces; that changed in the anime when Ryugu appeared. Despite his second death at the hands of Dino Tyranno near the end of the Masters of Extinction Wars, some say that Malefor was able to store Gigano's dark soul in a crimson crystal for Kin Einmortal to use with his Thule Medallion.
Drago Gigano

Gigano Dragon

Eventually, Kin tired of Gigano Dragon's soul being inside the medallion, and he resurected the Dragozaur Commander after freeing his soul from the Medallion. Now that Gigano Dragon has returned, he plans on destroying the Dinozaurs and their successors, the Bistrorangers, more specifically Dave, Jake, and Cleo because they are the last remaining descendants of his other enemy besides Tyranno: The Felis Ancestor, Prince Davun-Fel.

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