Gordon the Animal

Gordonton Wickkor, AKA "Gordon the Animal"

Gordonton Wickkor, AKA,"Gordon the Animal" is an Alternate UUniversal Hexilla from Planet Vandora. He is a Villains Act genocidal assassin guilty of wiping out several Alternate UUniversal species that had gone against his species during the Interuniversal War, where his speices were hit the hardest thanks to the war's dishastorious effects. The thing is though, he wasn't even BORN yet in the time of the war, the attacks on his kind was mostly highly justifived because of the terrorest regime Vandora was under in those time, and all the speices long made amends to the Hexillas and vise versa, which makes Gordon a complete racist genisideal maniac who has no true justification outside of an outdated war he only learned about and is obviously attacking the other races just to be an asshole. However, when he was so close to wiping out the 8 last survivors of his last species, they luckily defeated him and sent him to prison. He has a monsterous voice, a brutal attitude, and no sense of decency.


Gordon was born on the Planet Vandora long after the decade-spanning Interuniversal War. His parents had tried to keep themselves safe from the devastation of the war because of Vandora being under a terrorest regime. Once they survived, they gave bith to Gordon 2 years later. Gordon grew up as a racist bully who thought that, despite the fact the 10 races that fought against them sent their public apologies, he believe that wouldn't be enough. Everyone in the school hated him, and tried to avoid him. He got into trouble a few times for attacking some members of his hated races who didn't do ANYTHING to him other then telling him to leave them alone, and there was one who unknowingly ended up cemented Gordon into a worse path. When a vengeful nerd Orxinoid who was amongst the abused, made him look bad in front of everybody via a perfectly harmless Whoopie Cousin prank to the point where he embarrasses himself in a prom, especially in front of his crush, he gets fed up and assaults the misguided nerd, and kills him. As punishment, he was expelled, and his family was put on trial. With his parents in prison and having no custody of Gordon, he ran off. Blaming the races for everything, his quest for vengeance against them had begun.

For the next few years after the event that made him evil, he had travelled the AUU for his chance to get revenge. He started studying 7 martial arts, but his hatred against the races that 'ruined his life' were figured out in each class and he was immediately kicked out of each of them before he could finish his training. Luckily, he was able to complete it through his own virtual-class training system, which was actually unlicensed, and therefore illegal. When the authorities came to arrest him for this, he disappeared, angry by the fact that he was now dubbed a criminal. He was wanted all over the AUU, but he adapted into hiding very well from police forces, and was soon forced to stowaway on ships since he could no longer travel on transit or buy his own space vehicle without being recognized as a wanted person.

In 1998, a year after the birth of the Villains Act, Gordon discovered that it had the power to take over a planet. Thus he realized that he had just the right potential to join. He hitched a ride to Peerbon, and came across Darkness Qui, who decided to let him prove his potential by going into a 2-year training period on Planet Iridia. Gordon's training on that planet sparked as he continued fighting well in his battle campaign. By 2000, he had finally proved his potential. He wasn't ready for the equipment he wanted, though, and was told that if he wanted them, he'd have to prove he could use them well. Gordon discovered this chance when a new VA gladiator show called VA Deadlockers, filmed on Planet Iarranthum, had offered awards to competitors. Gordon stepped in, and for 2 more years, he was among one of the best fighters. He won 52 tournaments, defeated various challengers, and as a reward, he earned himself the armored suit he wore in the games. Qui was very astonished by his accomplishments, and made him a high-ranking villain. He denied being given his own Starbot Armies, and went on to begin his revenge plot in 2002. Upon realizing one of his races' homeworlds, Orxane, the home of the Orxinoids, was in the exact same system as Iarranthum, he immediately went there. He was able to strategically plant a virus inside a nuclear fallout shelter which immediately causes the thousands of missiles to strike every city on the planet, wiping out all the Orxinoids to extinction, and Gordon leaves on a ship before the planet becomes a radioactive wasteland.

But Gordon's vengeance was far from over. He still had 9 more races to take care of. His next target was Vegdum, where he rigged a science experiment that studied a virus meant to improve the body's physical capabilities and purify genes. He blew up the lab, and spread the virus all over the planet, turning the Vegdunns into the vicious Vegdukk beasts, and leaving the rest of the planet being uninhabitable. His next targets were Soron, Iscao, Kortommnia, Siugantu, Masosa, Xenaros, and Dasboon. During the devastation of Dasboon, Qui was starting to have second thoughts about having him with the Villains Act since he was proving to be much worse than them, thanks to General Tex, who thanks to his realigen, is working to make the VA "Moraly reasonable" to avoid forcing heroes to disban them quickly and forcefully, and Gordon was reckindised as a threat to that. After Gordon protests, he is kicked out of the Villains Act for his arrogance and reckless actions. But it didn't matter because he was able to escape with all his equipment before they could be confiscated. He decided that he would retire as soon as he finished his last job: wipe out the Roptords of Planet Roptoria. There, he was able to sabotage several atom bomb factories into being remotely detonated. Once he was finished, he detonated all atom bombs, and 89% of the Roptord race was wiped out. A few others were wiped out by the poisonous gas that was leaked out after the explosions, and only 8 Roptords were able to survive. They avoided the gas with gas masks, but Gordon tried to kill them himself, and just before he was able to complete the job, he realizes that during the battle, he accidentally disrupted the support of the dilapidated building they were in, and it fell down on top of him, leaving the 8 survivors to escape and avoid it. After that, the Heroes Act's only heroes, Aurlena Fists and Zosimo the Smart, were able to clear out the gas, and arrest Gordon for his crimes, sending him to Oranos, where he remains to this day. All his equipment and weaponry was confiscated and taken to an underground security vault under the snowy grounds of Oranos, which everyone would assume Gordon would never get back if he were to escape, let alone escape at all. He has yet to return.


Gordon the Animal is a power-house with the ability to lift over 3 tons. His 6 arms give him incredible hand-to-hand combat and agility, and like Stitch, he has the ability to curl up into a ball and roll around crushing anything in his path. He also has a great sense of smell, excellent hearing, and has a great running speed of 50 mph, fast enough to catch even his fastest targets. He is one of the best villains for his experience in combat. He studied 7 martial arts, he studied pressure-point combat, he's a genius in strategy and 3 sciences, he is an expert marksman, and he is known to be a master of intimidation.

Aside from his skills, he has the equipment of a true villain. He wears a grayish-blue flex-suit of Kevlar, Nomex, and light-weight neutronium which was given to him by the VA Deadlocker Games on Planet Iarranthum as a reward for his many wins, and helps protect him from all kinds of heavy weaponry. His helmet was designed by the Deadlockers to have a built-in radar system, an identification algorithm, and thermal imaging. The suit also comes with a built-in Infinite Storage Device (ISD by it's Rabodan inventors) that allows him to store up to 7 weapons that he can digitally summon with his mind. He also wears 6 shock-gloves that release a charge powerful enough to penetrate Kevlar with a single punch.

Being an expert marksman, he is great at wielding weapons. The 7 weapons he has chosen to wield are a Photon Blaster, two Neutro-Machine Guns, a Particle Pulse Assault Rifle, a Railgun Sniper Rifle, a Fusion-Bang Rocket Launcher, and a G3 Aluminum Vibrokatana which is one of the few weapons he has yet to handle. His ISD also contains 10 of 3 kinds of explosives: Thermal Detonators, Ion Detonators, and Gas Grenades, which release a poisonous gas filled with a blend of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. His ISD even carries several kinds of equipment like a gas mask, an energy-cable grappling hook, hacking devices, and several encryption-cracking devices.


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