Grand Council woman.

The Grand Councilwoman is the leader of the United Galactic Federation, seen in Lilo and Stitch. Others occasionally refer to her as 'your majesty' and 'your highness', and on the whole she seems both reasonable and well-intentioned, although like many members of the United Galactic Federation, she knows almost nothing about Earth or its inhabitants. She is of an unknown species by name, but she seems to be reminiscent of the Greys, with hoof-shaped feet, large black eyes, a big head, and is almost eight feet tall. She is voiced by Australian actress Zoe Caldwell. It seems, that the Grand Councilwoman has a status as the supreme ruler of the galactic federation, and being a member of a council, it is reasonable to assume that she has been elected, although we have no idea how long her term lasts.


Lilo and Stitch[2]Edit

In Lilo & Stitch the Grand Councilwoman was first seen in a courtroom with the other Galactic Leaders during the trial against Jumba Jookiba. After asking Jumba's genetic creation, Experiment 626, if he could show some good in him - and his subsequent use of an apparent (alienistic) obscene phrase "Meega Nala Queesta" (which Jumba insists he did not teach him) in a show of refusal to do so - the Grand Councilwoman sentenced the Experiment to banishment on a desert asteroid and Jumba to prison. However, 626 escapes in a police cruiser. At first it seems that he will land in water, where he will sink and drown, but when she sees that 626 will land in Hawaii, suggests that they gas the island. Agent Pleakley tells her that the planet is a protected mosquito preserve and she later allows Pleakley and Jumba to retrieve 626. During the course of the movie The Councilwoman makes frequent calls to Pleakley, questioning what they are doing and why Experiment 626 has not been captured yet. In her last call to Pleakley, she loses patience and fires him and Jumba, sending Captain Gantu to finish the mission. At the end of the movie, after learning that Lilo and Nani paid money for 626 (now named Stitch), and therefore legally own him, she allows him to stay with them in exile on Earth and announces that the family is under protection of the Galactic Alliance, saying they will be checking in on them every now and then. She also revealed that she had previously met Cobra Bubbles during the Roswell case, commenting that he used to have hair.

Stitch! The Movie[3]Edit

The Grand Councilwoman made a brief appearance at the ending of Stitch! The Movie to assist in the capture of Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel.

Leroy and Stitch[4]Edit

She returned for Leroy and Stitch, seen making Stitch a Captain of the Galactic Alliance, briefly as Dr. Hämsterviel's secretary, then giving awards when she resumes her position at the end.

Role in the series

The Grand Councilwoman reprises her role from the film, but she has an unofficial name, Vainiana, and also has a raptor-like Spore daughter named Cella, a warrior to the Grand Council. In her first appearance, she was almost the unwilling factor that almost brought an end of the Shell Lodge Squad, only following the rules of the Council, mainly a ruling concerning the forbidding of unauthorized vigilantes, but thankfully, the Shell Lodge was saved after having been proven to be authorized by High Council legal papars, provided by Chi Fu. Although not entirely in the High Council, she is considered a minor member since the Galactic Federation itself is considered a branch of the High Council since, because the High Council is too busy, they needed a branch to handle alien worlds, and the solution was the Galactic Federation. Her backstory is also revealed that she was elected as Grand Councilwoman at the cost of being loyal to the one who gave her the position, the jerkish Slimeballian Sourball, whose influence on being strict with rules is what lead to her almost dissolving the Lodge in the first place.

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