Great Valley

Great Valley

The Great Valley is the homeworld of Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Sharptooth, Icky, Dil, and Littlefoot's Grandparents. It's one of the few dinosaur worlds that still exist since the other worlds had become more modern. It was unaffected by the actions of the Dragozaurs during the First Cartoonian War because they were stopped in their tracks by the heroes of old before they could destroy it. Since then, the Great Valley remains as one of the many worlds that retains dinosaur populations. The dinosaurs there know how to speak English, but have no high-grade intelligence and no good understanding of the world around them. It usually takes the knowledge of other-worldly beings to describe the phenomenons that occur there. Littlefoot and his friends are known to have had their own crossover series, but they are rarely visited by the Shell Lodgers. Understandable cause of the fact that they and Icky still have serious issues with each other. It was also the supposed banishment site for Jerky until Professor Eagle Beak and Sing Jin Sue saw to it his fate was quite otherwise to this.

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