Grimoors The Nasty Mouthed

Grimoors the Nasty Mouthed

Grimoors the Nasty Mouthed is a xenophobic Viking who has a bad insulting mouth, a vendetta for dragons, and the failure to let go a personal history to boot. While Grimoors has a bad mouth, at times he can be surprisingly charismatic and does have the ability to be honest. However, he also has a tendency to think he's the toughest Viking ever. He had a lot of extremist ideas to kill all the dragons during the days before Hiccup trained Toothless, that even Stoick felt was overkill, only wanting to make the dragons leave, and not enact genocide, unlike Grimoors. Grimoors is also too quick to favor negative Viking attributes like pillaging from the defenseless and plundering the seas, further making him unfavorable. Eventually a failed framing attempt and a humiliating battle for supremacy against Stoick lead to his exile from the tribe. He is legitimately just as strong as Stoick, as he once slayed a bear just by slapping it to death and made a cape out of it to demonstrate proof of his prowess. His most hated species of dragon is the Night Fury after a rogue one killed his parents. Since then, he has been trying to track down that dragon, even so much as confusing Toothless (Before he met Hiccup) as the killer since he and the rogue Night Fury have similar scent. Aside from the Night Fury being his most hated species, he despises all other dragons, but during his time, he manages to capture an incredibly rare species of dragon that has such little info is made on it. When he discovers this species as the Night Furies' natural rival, and that it is responsible for the Night Furies being so rare, he decides that despite the fact that he hates dragons, he wants to use this dragon to hunt down the rogue Night Fury. This makes everybody consider him as a hypocrite, and he surprisingly agrees with it. But he thinks that sacrifices have to be made by trusting this dragon, which he named Malice. He has been preparing for years to use Malice, but he is unaware that he might kill the wrong dragon.


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  • "Am I really the one who's wrong here? Or are people just too afraid of me being right?"