The Groundshaker is a giant Heartless summoned by Scar to try and destroy the Pride Lands in a future episode of the Spongebob series. It is a gigantic form of the Living Bone and Shaman combo, and Timon claims that the Shaman-like portion controls the Living Bone-like portion. It originates from KH 2.


The Groundshaker is a titanic Heartless reminiscent of a Shaman and Living Bone. The Living Bone analogue has a body almost completely covered in grass, moss, and other plant life, to the point that several trees have grown on it. Each of its legs are yellow with brown armor on them, with white designs decorating the armor. Its feet are steel blue, and each sports three skeletal toes. Its skull is grey with angular, white designs on it and several bent, red horns all around it. Depending on the way its head is turned, it has two different faces; one looks slightly downward and has large, curved tusks lined by spikes, and the other looks slightly upward and has curved horns lined by spikes. Both heads share the same yellow, spiral eyes.

The Shaman analogue is also covered in foliage, albeit to a lesser extent than its companion, and is not always visible. While still massive, it is smaller than the “Living Bone” and rides on its back. It has grey skin, red claws, and four pairs of arms; the lower pair being smaller than the upper one. Unlike its steed, the "Shaman" has three faces, as it wears a special mask that periodically twists upside down over a main face on its neck. One face has gold horns, a curled, yellow "mustache", and a jagged mouth that smiles slightly. The other has a dull green "mustache" and a mouth that frowns slightly. The last is a plain black, sporting two yellow eyes. Both faces of the mask are white, have eyes with spiral pupils, and a green crest decorating its sides. The Groundshaker has four Heartless emblems on its body in total; one on each of the "Living Bone's" foreheads, and one on each of the "Shaman's", execpt for the neck.

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the "Living Bone" has yellow spikes on its skull. Its downward-pointing face is now red, while the other half of the skull is still black. Its feet and neck are red and its legs are yellow. The "Shaman" has a predominantly red body and the crest on its mask is orange instead of green.

The Groundshaker's name references its immense size, and the fact that it causes tremors each time it steps.


Kingdom Hearts II[3]Edit

After Simba finally confronted his doubts and weaknesses about being the ruler of Pride Land, the many Scar's Ghosts which had been haunting him flew to the Savannah and coalesced into a giant Heartless which resembled the Living Bone-Shaman symbiote. After a battle which raged all across the Savannah, Sora and Simba managed to defeat the Heartless and bring peace back to the Pride Land.

Role in the Series

Scar has currently not summoned up this creature yet in the series, and it is possibly unconfirmed to appear. But here's an idea that could be used to include the Groundshaker in the series. In the movisode, Pocahontas, Governor Ratcliffe has just been revealed as a member of the Villain League just after shooting John Smith. As Ratcliffe is being dragged away by the settlers, he calls on Fagin to summon a Heartless to help him destroy the Powhatan tribe and Shell Louge Squad once and for all. Fagin responds by summoning thousands of Scar Ghosts to fly over from Hollow Bastion over to Jamestown. The Scar Ghosts then merge together to create the Groundshaker, forcing Spongebob to summon Sora and Simba over to stop the Groundshaker from destroying the world. What do you think, Scroopfan?

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