Guard Armor

Guard Armor

The Guard Armor is a heartless made various pieces of Armor. The Guard Armor seperate pieces, known as "Armored Torso", "Gauntlets", and "Hammerlegs", are able to move independently, and by rearranging its pieces, the Guard Armor can transform into the more powerful Opposite Armor.


Kingdom Hearts[2]Edit

The first Guard Armor attacks Sora right after he meets Donald and Goofy and they slay a gang of Soldier Heartless. It is the leader of the Traverse Town Heartless, and after it is defeated, the local Heartless temporarily calm down.

Later, Sora tests the legend about the Second District bell by ringing it three times, and the world's Keyhole is revealed within the district's fountain. However, as the group goes to seal it they are attacked by a second Guard Armor, and though they defeat it, it transforms itself into the stronger Opposite Armor and attacks again. After it is destroyed, they are able to seal Traverse Town's Keyhole.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories[3]Edit

Sora explores the memory version Traverse Town within Castle Oblivion and meets Cid, who warns him that a giant Heartless is said to appear when the Second District bell rings. Just as it did before, the bell rings, and the Guard Armor suddenly appears. Sora defeats it, and Leon, Cid, Yuffie, and Aerith see him off to the exit.

Another Guard Armor appears in Riku's version of Traverse Town, but this one is simply a manifestation of the darkness in his heart, and is quickly defeated.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[4]Edit

Roxas is dueling Xigbar in the Olympus Coliseum Games when a Guard Armor interrupts. Xigbar steps out to let Roxas defeat the Guard Armor on his own, and while fighting it Roxas has flashbacks to when Sora fought the Guard Armor in exactly the same manner. However, the Guard Armor is soon defeated, and Roxas "wins" the Games.

Kingdom Hearts coded[5]Edit

When Data Sora opened the Data Keyhole of Data Traverse Town, he fought Data Guard Armor, which happened to be the source of Block corruption in Data Traverse Town.


Heartless38 - opposite armor

The Opposite Armor

The Guard Armor's body is divided into several pieces—a body, a head, two arms, and two legs—none of which are directly connected to each other and all of which can act independently of the other. The Armored Torso is vaguely hour glass-shaped, violet with a lilac, diamond pattern around its waist, and has light black additives on it. The Heartless emblem is emblazoned on the center of the armor. Its head is violet, spherical, and sports three silver spikes and a silver faceplate with several holes in it. Both of the Gauntlets are violet with wide wrists and three lilac, segmented fingers. The Hammerlegs are short, violet, and ends in large, hammer-like, black feet. All of the pieces of the Guard Armor seem to be hollow.

In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, the violet sections of the Guard Armor are silver, its torso gains red, yellow, and blue stripes on its upper half, its head becomes red with yellow spikes, and the additives on its top and upper rims become blue and yellow, respectively. Its fingers become grey, while its feet become red.

The Guard Armor's name references its armored body and the fact that it first protects the Heartless in Traverse Town, and later guards the Traverse Town Keyhole.

Role in the series

The Guard Armor has not appeared yet, but now this page gave Scroopfan an idea. What idea he has in mind is currently unknown. Originally, the Guard Armor was supposed to be summoned by Fagin to help aid Sykes battle the Shell Louge Sqaud in the final battle on the Gate bridge, but Scroopfan desided not to add reinforcement characters for that project because he wanted to be done with the project, and to avoid the anti-catisum sence that is in the chase. that sence is replaced with Shen defeating off Sykes with the cannon, cutting immediatley afterwards to our heroes on the bridge (Scroopfan would like to insist they did not magicly appeared on the brige!) because Scroopfan does not have a program yet that can literally edit clips. Because of Fagin (bird) being among the scraped Characters, the Guard Armor followed. besides, a giant Rayman inspired Armor monster would seem out of place in new york.

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