The Hellhound is the true Big Bad from Spyro's adventures of All Dogs Go To Heaven, an original Dark Spawn Lord, and is Red & Belladonna's boss, setting up the events of all 3 movies in order to collect the souls of all dogkind so that Chernabog, his ally and leader of Hell, can be free from Bald Mountain. In particular, he finds Charlie's soul to be the greatest prize of them all, and warned him in a nightmare sequence that if his life watch stops ticking, he can never go back to Heaven and be under the Hellhound's power forever. He is foiled at the last minute by Annabelle.


  • "What do you hope to accomplish? Do not deny your fear!"
  • "Welcome the darkness into your heart."
  • "You can...never...go back..."
  • "Now show me what your precious "light" can do."
  • "Charlie..."

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