Moose- The Henchman who ties up Fflewddur

One fine exsample of the Horned King's momentarly minions.

The Horned King originally had moronic brutes as his minions and guards before summoning the Cauldron-Born. Once the skeletal monsters were activated, the minions fled for thier lives, and were able to escape the castle's destruction before it entered the Banished Realms. As of now, the soldiers currently still serve the Villain league as their minions in the ever-expanding League army. Currently, however, they had yet to actselly appear, presumed that they are primarly reinforcement characters. in the film, Spongebob and Friends find the black cauldron, Cynder claimed that they are made entirely of Barbarians and Rouges, with some Evil vikings pointed out by Icky.

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