Hornets in a swarm.

The Hornets are minions of the villain leage lead by the head hornet, (currently un-named) that served as subdoers and spies for the leage. The hornets first appear in Sting Operation from penguions of madagascar. They are threatening a group of school kids and the penguins try to find a way to get rid of them. At the end of Sting Operation, the hornet nest was destroyed, and they were forced to leave. They speak in Russian accents and constantly say "I sting your face!". they often retreat when a high athority of the villain leage (Example: Jafar) is defeated, they paniced, then retreat, fearing a simuler fate. They first appeared in Spongebob and Friends meet Robin hood, and made camieo appearences in Spongebob and Friends on the quest for camelot, and Spongebob and Friends meet Hercules.


a hornet.


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