It is a main given that whenever a Villain League member comes around to enact a scheme, he or she will most always use the same reinforcement members for fianl battles in the worlds. But of course, the same allies to Spongebob will suddenly appear from nowhere to re-enact THEIR final battles with their archenemies and help Spongebob defeat the Villain League. How do these guys suddenly appear? As it turns out, Ignitus can find out what reinforcements the Villain League is going to use from his magic pool, contact the apporpriate hero, send them to the Dragon Guardian Temple for healing and gathering, then send them towards the area of the final battle when it is about to begin. alcourse, that's one of the thoerys, another could be that sometimes the supercomputer in the flying van can contact the heroes needed when possable, possably when a battle is about to ensue, the computer goes to red alert.

The reason why these same battles occur over and over again without any changes made is because they are actually stock footage from their originating films. And the reason why Scroopfan reuses the stock footage over and over again is because he doesn't have enough time to actually make new battles, because recycling animation is actselly easiyer then re-making a new battle, although a new battle is origenal, it's time comsuming, although some new battles had acured before, but somewhat rare, like in the re-make of Spongebob and Friends meet Robin Hood, where the battle with the villain leage (and Jafar) was re-created alittle more. it also depends if the character used to battle the certen villain is abalable, otherwise would result in a different fight, but again is offen rare

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