J Worthington Foulfellow

Honest John

Foulfellow is a minion of the Coachman and is a member of the Villain League. Foulfellow also serves as the Big Bad for the first third of Spyro and friends meet Pinocchio.


Honest John is how many animated foxes are portrayed; sly and sneaky. He is also very smart and convincing. He has taken the "easy road" to success, and has never attended school. As a result, despite his cunning and persuasiveness, he can barely read or write. He is also not immune to being swindled himself, as Stromboli bought Pinocchio from him for far less than a living puppet would be worth.

Honest John is remarkably persuasive, and can convince almost anybody to do what he wants. His plans are reliable and clever, but are often spoiled by his sidekick, Gideon. He is also not unwilling to kill in order to make money, and is entirely without conscience, fearing only the law and the Coachman.



J. Worthington Foulfellow, or "Honest John" as he calls himself (although he isn't really honest), is the leader of the duo. He is always looking for opportunities to obtain money easily, without having to work, and to achieve it takes advantage of Pinocchio's innocence. First, he cheats the child of wood in order that one to the world of the spectacle it selling to the puppeteer Stromboli for a certain quantity of money. Later, when Pinocchio escapes and comes back home, he meets up again with Honest John and turns it to being deceptive: this time he sells to the Coachman for more money, and that takes Pinocchio to "Pleasure Island".

Role in the series

he is set to appear in the spyro verson of Pinnocio. In the film, he teams up with the Coachman and several Villain Leaguers to try and capture Pinocchio for Fagin's evil plans. Indeed, he and Gideon were originally supposed to control Monstro through the Parasite Cage, but that idea was scrapped for Fagin reprising Riku's role from the Monstro level in KH. Currnetly, he and Gideon serve as Villain Leaguers after their capture by the police and subsequent community service.

In Disney Villains Revenge, Foulfellow appears as one of the Coachman's hired minions, tormenting the transformed Pinocchio with cruel snarks and sly jokes, while also entertaining the demonic guests of the freakshow circus on Pleasure Island. Sora is able to defeat Foulfellow by challenging him to boardwalk games, to which he wins, and Foulfellow ends up getting knocked back into a puddle of mud unconscious-like.

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