The Jabberwocky is the Dark Spawn Lord of Wonderland, now controlling the Queen of Hearts since her corruption at the hands of Mirage. He has not yet appeared, but is considered due to his world appearing in a spongebob movisode.

He is actually supposed to be called The Jabberwock, and is based on a poem called Jabberwocky, which is part of the book, Through the Looking Glass.

Alice in Wonderland

The Jabberwocky, The Jub Jub Bird and Bandersnatch are the evil minions (viewed more as pets) of the Red Queen. Prior to the plot of the movie, the Red Queen sent her army, along with the powerful Jabberwocky and The Knave Of Hearts, to destroy the party held by the White Queen and her subjects. This allowed the Red Queen to not only gain the crown and control of the land but secure the Vorpal Sword (the only thing that can harm the Jabberwocky). The Jabberwocky is refrenced throughout the film, but does not appear until the Frabjous Day, in which it was sent by its master to fight Alice during the war. The battle between the two lasted until the two reached the last tower on the battlefield and the Jabberwocky met defeat when Alice cut of his head, with Alice saying "Off with your head!"

Role in the Spongebob series

In the Spongebob series, the Jabberwocky is Mang Cobra's "pet" and servant, having housed a piece of Cobra's soul inside of his body. But that contradicts his previous info of being a Dark Spawn Lord since the Original Cartoonian War. As it turns out, The Japperwocky was previously a Malefor created darkspawnic monster through it's remains, implying the Japperwocky these days is a re-creation, and newer verson, of the one that died in the original film. He eventally showed up in the Spirted Away crossover as Mang's pet. It was very loyal to Mang to no end, and does not hestitate any command, even the cruelest of it. Eventally however, when Xehanort became more interested in the Great Cycle, the only leager he deemd a true problem to his plans was the Japperwock, considering the beast's unbridled power and rage. Naterolly, when eventally in the New Cronicles, Xehanort had Ursula's nobody to corrupt The Japperwocky beyond reason with the curse of ignorence when met the any truth about Xehanort's true intentions, turning him into the slave of the Visonaries of the great cycle. While the big players of the Villain Leage went to the Mountain of Malefor, the Japperwocky and the rest of the leage was entrusted to watch over the fortress and keep away the lougers and/or any attackers. However, it was not expected that the fortress was invaded by Axel and the reformed nobodies. When Gaul, and the rest of the villains were easily defeated and chased off, They were faced with the Japperwocky and Sarluux. The Japperwocky violently refused the warnings of the reformed nobodies, and preceeded to fight them. When the Japperwocky was weaken abit, Saix and Xigbar came. The Japperwock begged for their aid, but instead, Saix stated he and Xigbar are done being Xehanort's puppets, and are here to placed him out of his misery, and free his heart into the darkness where it should've stayed if it wasn't for Malefor. The Japperwocky roared angerly before Saix stabbed it's heart, and sent the monster and it's heart into the realm of darkness, forever. Afterwords, Saix and Axel, and the rest of the reformed Nobodies, proceeded to give Sarluux due punishment as well. When Mang was informed of the Japperwocky's fate, he was upset, and it was the final straw that broken his faith in darkness, next to Mirage scolding him for having remorse, just as Xehanort has planned.

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