Jafar's Heartless

J.H.'s full body.

Jafar's Heartless, nicknamed "The Snakelord", is among the creations (Argueability the first) of Xehanort using perfected darkness engry goo he gotten from Grimoors' parents to create heartlessifived beings like Fake Ansem where he fused the dark goo with that of DNA of Jafar, explaining on how both this and the original are able to exist in an almost paradoxy fastion. He's sentually Jafar's sadististic jerky nature made even worse, added with an abnormally strong of superiority, deeming himself what Jafar could've been, and this worsens cause of the fact he was the first heartless ever created and that he is the vice-leader of the Nu Organisation, which is eventally renamed The Hearts of Darkness union. He has been taken into the Villain League as a member of Nu Organization XIII. He was among the Nu Org members to be introduse in Spirted away. Due to having DNA conenctions to Jafar, it does tecnecally mean he's part of Maleficent's clan.

Jafar's Heartless has all of Jafar's powers and abilities, but now has the ability to wield two keyblades: his own cobra keyblade and the Soul Eater keyblade, plus a cobra staff simular to the Original Jafar's, but with stronger effects. He also has the ability to change himself into a demonic combination between his cobra form and maleficent's dragon form. He will make his debut in Spirited Away as an ally to Young Xehanort and the Nu Organization. Tired of the imcompidence of even his original counterpart, JH desided to be strictly among the NU members. Eventally, he was introdused to become part of Xehanort's "Great Cycle" plan, and he liked the idea, inspite of the original Jafar's naterol hatred for idiots. He gains QUITE a rivalry with Saix, soley cause Saix has been reported to have the protentional to soon betray the Villain leage and Xehanort. This is also because he's the reason why Xigbar hasn't truely betrayed the leage by now, he keeps hynopising him. Saix works hard to ensure Xigbar stood clear of the easily suspitious JH. When the Great Cycle betrayal did happened, he was with Maleficent (Dark Mode) to comence the attack on Enchanted Dominion, possability due to his Maleficent-like quilities. When Dark Mode Maleficent was defeated, he retreated into the shaodws like a cowerd and retreated into the re-created world that never was. Eventally, the lougers and reformed nobodies came forth to face down JH in one last showdown. Saix requested he gets to be the one to bring down JH for good, promping the mocking JH to taunt and laugh at him. After an epic showdown with both his original form and briefly his mega form until beaten back to the prior, JH was weakened. He still insulted and taunted Saix and the others that battling Xehanort is pointless. He had already won, and could always make more, even another Jafar's Heartless, or a stronger nobody, or even an Univered. He then proceeded to laugh maniacly, till he was finally silenced by Saix, who's last words to him are as followed: "It's been a pleasure to finally silence your venom filled mouth, you snake.", before Jafar's Heartless fell down, and vanished into nothing.

KH Dreams of Destiny Jafar by theblazinggecko

Jafar's Heartless, monster form

KH Dreams of Destiny Jafar 2 by theblazinggecko

Jafar's Heartless, human form (Head anyway.)

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