Showdown in Jasmine's Room

Jasmine's room showdown with Audrey 2 a.k.a. was a major confrontation between the Shell Louge Squad and Villain League. It was the significant end of the Villain suprise attack on Agrabah.

Before the Showdown

Duel with Audrey 2

Jasmine was in her room grooming, thinking about the ride she just went on with "Prince Ali". The sultan, hypnotized by Jafar arrives to introduce Jasmine's new husband, none other than Jafar. Dr.Faciler also appears alongside his Uncle and Iago. Jafar says she is speechless about the decision the Sultan has made. Jasmine refuses to acknowledege Jafar as her husband, causing Dr.Faciler to be frowning. Jasmine tries to snap her father out of his trance, saying she wants to marry Prince Ali. Faciler however says Prince Ali "skipped" town and claims she is stuck with his uncle, Jafar. However, Aladdin appears right near the curtains along with the hyenas and the Shell Louge Squad. Spongebob then leads the squad to fight Jafar. However, Audrey starts to sing and attempts to shoot at the Louge, along with the space pirates. Aladdin comes in, grabs Jafar's staff and snaps it, destroying the magic inside it and vaporizing Audrey 2. It also lead the Friends from the other side to seize Faciler, as it was also a voodoo charm. Faciler is defeated and goes to the other side. The Sultan finally snaps out of the spell. Aladdin presents the staff to the Sultan. Now, understanding the truth, the Sultan along with Aladdin, Jasmine, and the Lougers start to corner Jafar. Luckily, 2 Sultan Guards arrive to take Jafar away, though Iago does escape, effectively ending the Villain attack.


A Promise kept and Happy Wedding

Outside, as morning approached, Aladdin asks for his forgiveness on being a "jerk", to which she forgives. Jasmine is upset about the law and claims her love for him. Genie says he could make Aladdin a prince again. But, Aladdin seeing his mistakes and after telling Jasmine his lesson for being who you really are, Aladdin frees Genie with his third wish. At first, Genie asks for Squidward to wish for the Nile but it doesn't work. Genie boings with happiness and prepares for his free vacation, but not before saying a tearful goodbye. The sultan after this event he witnessed decided to allow Jasmine to choose the one she loves the most, to which she replies that she chooses Aladdin, with Aladdin telling Jasmine to to just call her Al.

As with Banzai and Shenzi, Shenzi says to Banzai that the truth about rejecting the proposal is that she was nervous. Though Banzai says she lies, they both make-up for it.

As of that, Genie leaves, Aladdin and Jasmine get married, and the Lougers continue their adventure.

Showdown in Jasmine's Room

Moisode: Spongebob and Friends meet Aladdin


  • Jafar arrested and taken under custody
  • Audrey 2 and Dr.Faciler defeated
  • Iago escapes arrest


Shell Louge Squad Villain League


Audrey 2


Jafar captured

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