Jasmine Flamingo

Jasmine Flamingo, the beautiful cyborg.

Jasmine Flamingo
is a beautiful flamingo Zoologist, and EPA agent. She is Alister's girlfriend, and has prosthetic wings that is very successful for flight after her biological wings had been burned severely after a firework accident.


Jasmine had known Alister since high school, where she defended Alister from bullies, and things sparked between the 2 ever since. In the school, she studied Zoology, and was always protective of the environment.

Years later, and Alister and Jasmine had immediately fell in love, they attended a 4th of July party to enjoy the fireworks. However, an irresponsible idiot left some lit fireworks unattended, and they exploded, and hit Jasmine. Her body was burned and severed, and she was hospitalised. She was still alive, but it was doubtful she could fly again since the doctors had to amputate her wings, which the extremely severed wings quickly got infected. However, a determined boyfriend that was Alister offered to repair her with new wings. For over 5 years, Jasmine was fitted with plain old prosthetic arms until Alister finally made functional wings that gave Jasmine flight again. This resulted in Alister becoming a celebrated genius and allowed him to found Cybercon. Then, after 5 months of rescuing severed people with new prosthetic body parts, Alister decided to reverse engineer the brain for the first time. Jasmine noticed his insanity growing stronger from year to year. Then, 10 years later, Jasmine was concerned that Alister might hurt himself, and tried to stop him, but was too late when an explosion occured at Alister's lab. Because of this, she joined the EPA in hopes of finding a new meaning in life. She was, however, made aware of environmental violations being made by a mutated frog. There, she heard that the mad frog had healed Alister, and took it upon herself and head for POI-SON. She was unable to reach her beloved due to the base's high security, but was able to at least preserve the remaining non-mutated survivors of POI-SON. Eventally, thanks to the Lougers, Alister and Jasmine have their happy ever after at last, 

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