Jetstorm, Sparx's uncle and Hank's right-hand man.

Jetstorm is a mutant dragonfly, and is Sparx's uncle. He is Hank's right-hand man, and brains of his mutant kingdom. He has many duties such as watching over Crocovore, collecting Ribeiroia worms for Hank's crazed experiments, and also helps Hank in making the non-senient animals of POI-SON into mutants. he is a bat-wing mutant and has a very jerkoff attitute to boot.


apawn the creation of Crocovore, Hank wanted to make someone to conteract the appearnet stupidity of this new mutant. so he went out to find something in the swamps, thus, he came across Jetstorm, a dragonfly from the dragon realms. turns out, he was exsiled merely for being a loudmouth, so Hank offered him revenge inexchanged for "a small upgrade". Jetstorm was sceptical, but agreed, and was changed forever since. However, we wasn't expecting having to watch over a moronic croc mutant as part of the deal, but, turning the innosent into freaks corrupted him to actselly believeing that this may be worthwhile.

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