Jigglodon Monster

Jigglodon with Prey

is a carnivorous gelatinous mass created by the accidental gene-splicing of B.O.B and experimental Jiggles (Penguins of Madagascar) DNA. It grows bigger as it continues feeding, and it eventually becomes so big that it becomes unstoppable.

Jigglodon will appear in 'The Glob', where it will terrorize the Dragon Realms until the Shell Lodgers find a way to cure him.

Jigglodon is capable of shapeshifting and oozing through any kind of hole. When the beast eats it's prey, it keeps it in there, and lets the hydrochloric acids inside his body do the digesting. The whole digestion is basically seen inside the creature, and it is certainly not pretty. The more Jigglodon eats, the bigger and stronger it gets. Just like New Jiggles, it can subdivide, but doesn't need impact to do it. Jigglodon is even capable of speech. It normally speaks in a slobbish accent (NoTTTTTHHHing will SSSSStop me now!), but it can also speak in B.O.B's normal voice for certain occasions. Jigglodon's only weakness is extremely cold temperatures. Jigglodon can be easily weakened by being instantly frozen in ice. But exposure to this for too long can cause Jigglodon, along with B.O.B's DNA codings, to die.

The idea for Jigglodon was based on MSM's inspiration of the horror film The Blob, which features an indestructible gelatinous organism that terrorizes the city.