Kaorinite is Emperor Fang's imperial lady-servant in the Fang Empire. Like the Witches Five, Kaolinite was a member of the Death Busters, more specifically Doctor Tomoe's assistant in Sailor Moon S.

She was first sent by Tomoe to implant Daimon pods in objects to turn them into Daimon warrior women, who would then extract Pure Hearts from people. She was searching for three Pure Hearts in particular that would turn into a mirror, a saber, and a crystal ball once extracted, but she never did find them. After her latest Daimon, Senishenta, was defeated, Kaorinite absorbed Senishenta's power from the shoe she created her from, and fought the Sailor Scouts. She was winning until Sailor Uranus used World Shaking on her, freezing her in her own crystal beam and sending her falling over the edge of Tokyo Tower to her death.

She was later revived by Doctor Tomoe, however she never took on any assignments after this, and became Hotaru's guardian, as Hotaru was possessed by Mistress 9. The Witches 5, patricularly Byruit, disliked that Kaorinite didn't go on any more assignments, so she eventually captured Rini for Mistress 9, who ate her Pure Heart and awakened in her true form. She then struck Kaorinite with lightning, throwing her into an electric barrier and killing her. Her body disintegrated afterwards.

After her demise, Fang ressurected her and the Witches 5 to serve as his lady servants in the Empire of Makuta. She is one of the few villains to know of Fang's true connection with Makuta, but prefers to stay at his side for it is the winning side at this point. When Mistress 9, her former boss, finds out about her continued existence, you can bet things will get pretty hairy for Fang.

Kaorinite attacks by wrapping her hair around her enemies. She can also shoot a crystal beam to freeze things in crystal, once absorbing the power from the shoe she created Senishenta from.

Role in the series

Kaorinite is a member of the Fang Empire and assistant to Othello in advising Emperor Fang. Right now, she is possibly unofficial because Scroopfan is not fully in or knows alot about the anime Sailior moon.

She is partners with Mortimer Mouse, serving with him as Emperor Fang and the Dark Dragon's counterpart to Maleficent and Pete within the Scourge Empire. During the Great Cycle, Mortimer betrays Kaorinite to work for Master Xehanort after he gets a fragment of the dark lord's heart stuck within his being.

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