Kronk (full name: Kronker Pepikrankenitz), is the dim-witted, muscular, timid henchman of Yzma and one of the main antagonists and currently one of the main protagonists at the end in Disney's 2000 feature film The Emperor's New Groove and its television series as an anti-hero when he once again works for Yzma even though he is not the villain any further. Despite working for Yzma as her helper, Kronk is actually a very nice person. Kronk has a short-tempered father named Papi, as revealed in Kronk's own film Kronk's New Groove. His companion is a squirrel named Bucky, who can't stand Yzma.


Kronk has a shoulder angel and shoulder devil who appear on his shoulders as his subconscious whenever Kronk faces a moral dilemma. They are smaller versions of Kronk dressed in an angel and devil costume and usually bicker and mock one another.

Kronk is also shown to be Jewish. In Kronk's New Groove, he fantasizes about marrying Miss Birdie in a Jewish ceremony, complete with him, stepping on a glass.

Kronk is revealed to be a great chef, who can make such things, as spinach puffs and fondue. He also has a secret recipe for foie gras. Kronk knows a variety of recipes, as revealed in the first film when he takes over for the chef when the chef quits his job because he tries and tries to make a special order. However, there is just no respect for anyone with vision, and that there is nothing that he can do about it.

Kronk is capable of incredible superhuman athletics, such as running from a school to his house and back in mere seconds, and climbing a mountain (while having a seat tied to his body with Yzma riding atop). Through the series, it is learned that Kronk comes from a family of athletic health and fitness advocates. It was revealed in The Emperor's New School episode "Oops, All Doodles" that Kronk has a talent for drawing.


The Emperor's New Groove[3]Edit

Kronk is a hulking none too bright child like man who loves to cook and also has the ability to communicate with animals, despite being Yzma's sidekick he isn't evil at all, near the end of the movie after finding out that Yzma hated his spinach puffs he is heart broken and decides to put her fate in his hands as he cuts down a chandelier which lands on top of her but she survives because she is so thin it passed through her and pushes him in a trap door seemingly killing him, he later emerges alive and well accidentally crushing Yzma whom has turned into a cat and later recruits her to be apart of his squirrel scouts.

Kronk's New Groove[4]Edit

The Emperor's New School[5]Edit

Kronk is once again as Yzma's partner and still Kuzco's friend.

Role in the series

Kronk reprises his role from the films, only he doesn't need to be dark-enforced to stay recruited to the Villain League. He's just that stupid. cause of his nice nature, he might be the only friend to the louge within the leage, (aside from Savio, King of hearts, and Mr. Smee after Savio learns about Kaa and his family, but Kronk is just unintendtionly a villain leager.) Kronk way also have a friendship with Icky, cause Icky knows that Kronk's not smart enough to say no to Yzma or the leage, and Icky thinks Kronk was simply tricked from a simple apology from Ymza.

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