Lawrence human

Lawrence was the dragon to Dr. Facilier in The Princess and the Frog, and a pretty resent recruit of the villain leage, cause of him not appearing in the prior moisodes Facilier appears in.

Role in the film[1]Edit

Pompous and envious of the Prince's good-looks and fame, Lawerence becomes involved with the Shadow Man. During the movie he wear a voo-doo pendant that gives him Naveen's apperance. Lawrence asks Charlotte to marry him, while the magic is fading and he starts to look like his old self. Charlotte is too excited to become a princess to notice. The plan was to marry Charlotte then kill Big Daddy, earning his fortune. Because the pendant needs Naveen's blood, Dr. Faciler's shadow demons go to capture frog Naveen. The shadows eventually do and bring Naveen to the fiends. Looking like the prince again, Naveen and Charlotte have a wedding on a Marde Gras float. Tiana (still a frog), just being told by Ray Naveen returns her feelings for him, sees 'Naveen' about to marry her friend and hops away brokenhearted. Out of anger, Tiana tells Ray his love is a star, thinking he'd better wake up now but getting hurt later. Ray doesn't believe her and goes to find Naveen. The real Naveen is still a frog, in a chest on the float. Trying to get closer to Lawrence, he inches closer with his tongue- which Lawrence steps on happily. Ray notices this and gets Naveen out the box before the marriage is over. Naveen jumps, strangles Lawrence with the pendant and they both fall off the float. Lawrence takes Naveen into a church. Naveen asks why he's doing this and Lawrence answers 'payment for all those years of humiliation'. Dr.Faciler comes out of the shadows as Naveen throws the pendant to Ray. Ray gives it to Tiana, who destroys it even after Facilier bribes her with her dream restraunt. Faciler's 'friends' take him to the other side. Charlotte kicks open the church to see her squat groom, and shreiks in disgust, Lawrence runs out screaming too. Tiana goes to find the church and sees Lawrence being dragged away by the police.

Role in the series

Lawrence has currently been freed by Facilier to serve as Valet to the Villain league. he is called Lawernce (Human) to avoid confusing with Lawernce (robot).

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