Villain leage Commando, though he prefers, Adventurer capitcalist.

Rourke is the Villain League's Commando leader and the main villain in Atlantis the Lost Empire.


Role in Atlantis: The Lost Empire[2]Edit

In 1914, he is hired by Preston B. Whitmore in another expedition to Atlantis with his second-in-command Helga Katrina Sinclair. After escaping from a robotic Leviathan in the city's gates, Rourke and the team are taken to the King's room, where he asks to spend the night. After Milo and Kida swim while learning about Atlantis's heart, they re-surface only to discover that Rourke became mercenary. After Kida is fused with the Heart, he takes off with Helga and his soldiers, but Atlantis's citizens, Milo and the rest of the team chase him to a volcanic crater. Rourke attempts escaping in a balloon, trying to shoot the Atlantians with his Lewis Gun, trowing Helga out to "relieve weight", while fighting Milo with an axe. He gets scratched by a crystal shard and turns into a statue, but still manages to move towards Milo. He is finally destroyed when Milo overweights the metal structure he's standing, crushing Rourke in the balloon's propeller.

in the spongebob verson, he was defeated at the thowne room when Cynder called apawn a reformed Seadramon, and frooze the commander.

Role in the series

Rourke, despite his destruction, has been resurrected by the Dark forces to lead the villain leage shocktroopers in their efforts to conquer the united universes.