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Lord of the park (demon lord of the jungle)

the lord of the park (in the lore, Demon Lord of the Jungle) is a minor villain from sam and max. he is not in service to the villain league or any other team, but is merely part of the Lore told by Sam and Max and others that simulates el dorado, only with the el dorado people changed into the worshipers of the digidestined. he is said to be all knowing, but in personally, he tends to be odd, sastisic, mercless, and clueless. Oddly, he also hates to be talked about. he claims he lived in the city of the digidestin, but was banished for no longer wanting part in Tzekel Kan's sacrivices rituals, meaning he was partnered with Tzekel, till a possable disagreement. he has shown to exgate and survive the crumbled temple, as he is seen watching Sam and Max and friends evade his grasp.

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