Lucifer is the Dragon to Lady Tremaine, and a henchman cat to the Villain League. He has black fur and is portrayed as a sneaky, devilish, and cheating mouse consumer.



Lucifer was created for the sub-plot of the film for comedy. Lucifer was created to have cat and mice chase/comedy scenes which was done by Ward Kimball. Lucifer's design was from one of the cast members own cat.


Unlike many Disney villain henchmen, Lucifer is clever, cunning and not at all foolish, contrary to his mistress and her daughters. Lucifer is also clumsy and can be tricked, but can get back on track extremely quickly. Lucifer can also detect someone's presence. In the third film, Cinderella was attempting to sneak by Lady Tremaine, Drizella, and Anastasia. She did without a problem, but once it came to Lucifer, she was almost exposed until Lady Tremaine demanded him to follow her. Lucifer also detected Jaq and Gus's presence as they attempted to sneak by Lucifer without waking him. Lucifer is also treated like a prince to Lady Tremaine. She cares for him deeply and acts as a mother figure to him. Lucifer may be loved by Lady Tremaine more than anyone else.


Lucifer is a fat cat with dark brown fur covering most of his body. The fur on his belly, his paws, and the tip of his tail is tan. The fur on his head is ruffled and black. Lucifer's eyes are green and his sclera are yellow, while his nose is pink. He has two whiskers on either side of his upper lip. Lucifer's sharp nails are usually always sticking out.



[7]Lucifer's entrance in Cinderella.Added by DTierney30

Lucifer first appears in Lady Tremaine's bedroom sleeping alongside her in a small prince-like cat bed. Cinderella takes Lucifer for his morning breakfast. Lucifer (believing it's too early) regretfully joins Cinderella. During his breakfast meal, Lucifer gets his rival, Bruno, Cinderella's dog, into trouble and joins in a comical chase with Jaq, Gus and the rest of the mice friends. Later in the film, whenever he hears Drizella's singing voice, he grabs the red pillow to cover his ears, moves out of the room and then closes the door with his back paw. While Cinderella is cleaning the floor, he makes a big mess with his paws, which really upsets her. When the two mice, Jaq and Gus, are able to take the sash and the bead necklace, Lucifer tries to catch them, but he misses. At the film's climax, he attempts to stop Jaq and Gus from freeing Cinderella from her locked room. Both the mice and bird battle Lucifer, but he is too strong. Cinderella tells the birds to get Bruno to intervene. Bruno is able to do just that as he scares Lucifer so much, he falls out of the tower's window, but survives the fall, since cats always land on their feet.

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True[8]Edit

[9]Lucifer in Cinderella II: Dreams Come True.Added by Hey1234

Lucifer later appears in the 2 sequels. In the 2nd movie, he only appears in the 3rd and final segment, An Uncommon Romance, where he falls in love with the snobby palace cat, Pom-Pom, to the point that he makes a deal with the mice never to chase them again if they help him reconcile with Pom Pom. The plan works, but Pom Pom goads Lucifer into helping her catch and eat the mice. His treachery backfires, and Pom Pom dumps him. The mice, who are upset with Lucifer breaking his promise, whack him over the head with a broom, with Jaq telling Lucifer that "the deal is off!"

Cinderella III: A Twist in Time[10]Edit

[11]Lucifer in Cinderella III: A Twist in Time.Added by Hey1234

"Lucifer, make absolutely certain they don't come back...alive."
Lady Tremaine's order to Lucifer before his human transformation.

In the third film, after Lady Tremaine reverses time with the Fairy Godmother's wand, Lucifer resumes his role as adversary to both Cinderella and the mice. In his most notable scene, Lady Tremaine turns him into a human coachman to take Cinderella and the mice as far away from the palace as he can, but during the chase, Lucifer falls into the water, where he turns back into a cat and is stranded in the woods.

Role in the Series

Lucifer has not yet appeared in the series due to his status as an evil cat, and you know how Scroopfan does not like the dark view on them. he will not appear, irreguardless of being a well known side-kick to Lady Tremaine.

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