Timon's Mother

Timon's Mother
, also known as Ma in many cases, is a character from Timon and Pumbaa. She is Timon's caring mother.

Ma reappeared in The Lion King 1½, now as a much younger and kinder adult meerkat.


Ma lives in a meerkat colony with Timon and Uncle Max. Her husband is never mentioned, only appearing in deleted scenes. Ma understands Timon's struggles to find his place in the colony, and tries to help him in whatever manner she can. Although the rest of the burrow hates Timon, she stands by his side in most of his decisions. Not much more is known about her since her final appaerence.

Timon and PumbaaEdit

In the episode "Mombasa-In-Law", Ma made her debut. She was morbidly obese and extremely old, and had long gray hair, and was wearing a blue dress and some makeup and red lipstick. [1]Timon's mother as seen in Timon and PumbaaAdded by MasterArticaKennedyShe went to see her son Timon and his "wife" Patty (in reality, Pumbaa in disguise), and decided to move in. Pumbaa was then forced to disguise himself as other people, and in the end, he finally revealed to her that he's really Timon's friend from a long time ago (even saying his infamous phrase, "They call me... MR. PIG!!!"). But then, Ma said she isn't really Timon's mother, and then reveals herself to be Fred.

The Lion King 1½Edit

In the colony, Ma tries to encourage Timon in his jobs first as a digger and as a sentry. But when Timon fails as a sentry, he leaves the colony. Ma goes on a journey to find him, but is initially unsuccessful. She and Timon's Uncle Max meet Timon at Pride Rock after many years. At Timon's request, she and the other meerkats dig a tunnel to trap the hyenas, in order to help Simba. At the end of the film, Ma accompanies the rest of the colony to the jungle paradise that Timon and Pumbaa had discovered. She is also nicer and lighter than the one inn the TV series. She also has red hair and is younger.

Role in the series

Ma reprises her role from the movie, rather than having Fred the meerkat appear instead.

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