Mack Salmon

Mack Salmon is a member of the Villain league, and one of Sam and Max's enemies. he has a resecyable status as a syragiest, but Hades does not perfer him very much cause of him being a goldfish on a metal man's body.

Character Detail[1]Edit

Appearing as a human with a fishbowl for a head, Mack Salmon is really a fish who travels on top of a fake body. He blames Sam and Max for causing his current form through some past incident (which they have no memory of) and is perpetually seeking revenge against them. He likes to revel in self-importance and see himself as their arch-nemesis, but in reality he is little more than just one of a variety of bizarre enemies they've come across. In Night of the Gilded Heron-Shark he and two goons confront Sam & Max simply by waiting for them in the office, but are thwarted by the timely appearance of The Rubber Pants Commandos. In the animated series he returns as a more typical evil mastermind using some more elaborate plans, and is probably the most competent enemy they face.

Role in the series

Mack Salmon first appeared in Spongebob and Friends meet Mulan as an ally to in order to try and destroy the Shell Louge Squad. a recurring mistake of him is that he is subtitled, "Max Salmon", cause of a mishearing on the first time Scroopfan saw the episode, and when he read the wiki page for him on the Sam and Max wiki, it's reveled to be Mack, not Max, but he retains the max name, cause Scroopfan bonded with "Max Salmon" too much, but may plan to correct the mistake soon.

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