Modern Madagascar

Madagascar is an island located right near Africa. There are many variations of this island in the UUniverses. This is the DreamWorks variant which is the homeland of King Julian, Maurice, Mort, and the Fossa. It is the only place in the world where lemurs are native. King Julian has had some subjects from this world move to other worlds upon their discovery of not being alone in the UUniverses, and some have moved onto a prehistoric counterpart in the Nesting Grounds region in the Disney Universe. However, during an attack by the Earth Golem, most of the lemurs there were destroyed, as well as the island itself. While that island was being recovered by the High Council and the Galactic Federation, but King Julian's surviving subjects decided to live with Aladar in the Nesting Grounds. This Madagascar is still alive, though, and it is unknown whether King Julian had someone take his place while he was off adventuring or at the zoo, only having his gecko respond by 'let them eat cake'. It's possible that another lemur stepped in as king since his departure.

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