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Madame Leota

Madame Leota
is a ghostly character from the Haunted Mansion franchise.


Madame Leota is generally surrounded by mystery. Her motives tend to be vague, though a lot of interpretations tend to lean towards her being good or at least a neutral force. She generally favors speaking in rhyme as her incantations seem to be based around it.


The Haunted Mansion (attraction)Edit

"Serpents and spiders, tail of a rat; call in the spirits, wherever they're at. Rap on a table; it's time to respond. Send us a message from somewhere beyond. Goblins and ghoulies from last Halloween: awaken the spirits with your tambourine. Creepies and crawlies, toads in a pond; let there be music, from regions beyond! Wizards and witches, wherever you dwell, give us a hint, by ringing a bell!"
―Madame Leota's incantation

Originally described by the Ghost Host as having "a remarkable head for materializing the disembodied" (the lines have been cut and added back in numerous times over the decades - they were most recently deleted in 2007 and never used in the Walt Disney World version), Madame Leota's seance room marks the point in the attraction where ghosts start to fully physically materialize rather than show themselves through actions while remaining invisible or only partially visible. Using a spellbook and the following incantation, guests finally see many ghosts when they arrive in the Ballroom.

The Haunted Mansion (2003 film)Edit

Madame Leota appears saying her famous text while making Jim Evers (played by Eddie Murphy) fly in a chair. She helps the family giving various tips, and later goes with them to the lake.

Role in the series

In the Spongebob series, Madame Leota appears in her live-action form to help Spongebob, the Shell Louge Squad, and Chihiro find their way home out of the Spirit World in Spirited Away. She later appears alongside the Live-Action Wonderlandians and Lea in the final battle against Master Xehanort and Mirage during the climax of the moviesode to help save Sora and Spyro from being turned into Xehanort's puppets.

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