Malcho is a member of the Villain League, and is one of Aladdin's numerous enemies alongside Mirage and Jafar

Malcho once ruled over the rainforest and controlled the weather until according to himself Thundra stole the weather medallion. For years he hide in the debts of the rain forest waiting for the opportunity to steal back his powers.
The opportunity comes when Iago, Genie and Abu visit Thundra and Iago convinces her to go on a weekend-break. Iago takes care of the weather, it’s in good feathers. Without any resistance Malcho steals the medallion. And locks Genie, Abu and Thundra who came back early prison with lightingbolts as bars. Iago uses his “I’m a traitor used to work for Jafar” scam so Malcho trusts the parrot. Only to betray the mighty serpent by tricking him to use a magic spell that freezed him torwords a waterfall. Genie shots him to the north pole.

Sometime later the serpent returns to Agrabah to get even with the red feathered parrot. Somehow he frees himself from his icy prison. Fate wanted that everyone except Aladdin and Iago where on vacation leaving Aladdin in charge of Agrabah with Rasoul and his men to assist the temp sultan when needed. A nervous Aladdin sounds the alarm every time Iago panics, which he does a couple of times. Rasoul throws the parrot out of the palace. Iago bangs on the door begging to let him in.He is too late Malcho appears before Iago who almost dies for a heart-attack. The parrot hides behind Aladdin screaming “he’s back for revenge”.he guards barricade the palace, that won’t help because Malcho digs underneath the palace to surface in the throne room right in Iago’s face. Finally it was Aladdin who comes up with a plan to trap the giant serpent.

In the middle of an active volcano about to erupt Iago is tied up to a wooden
stake, Aladdin calls or Malcho who promptly shows up. Just when Malcho was
about to take his revenge upon Iago. Aladdin cuts him lose and Aladdin hits
the pole with a hammer making deep cracks in the ground, the volcano explode
trapping Malcho in it.

Role in the Series

Mirage recruited Malcho into the Villain League in order to aid Cynder's Pteranodon clone of Scar, Dread, in his attempt to capture the Nesting Grounds and defeat the Shell Logue Squad, and the capture of Cynder. He was defeated once again by Iago (with Spyro's help) in the end. Malcho is beleaved to return soon, although, Malcho was set to return as a side villain striking out on his and not even helping Galaxhar or the other villains in Spongebob and Friends meet Lilo and Stitch, wanting to seek revenge on Iago and Spyro, but he was unintendtionaly forgotten. irredguardless, he is still set to return.

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