Aka The skirmish in the nesting grounds cavern entrance was a major battle that results in the demise of Bruton.


When the Lougers and Aladar and his friends were left vehind by Kron, they were forced to go into the moutainside. Bruton was found injured at some rocks. Though Aladar asks for Bruton so he can help him, Bruton dismisses them. Eeyrl is able to find a cavern for shelter and Aladar says if he changes his mind, he could join them. As the Lougers checked the cave out and rested, they find Bruton and a raptor named Larry fighting off the rain. Aladar, with compassion leads the 2 misfits into the cavern. Bruton goes to find a spot to rest. Though Baylene tells Aladar that Bruton wasn't an improvement and the raptor is the enemy, Aladar waves this off saying that they're one of them now. Suri is able to tend to Bruton's wounds. Larry explains of the Raptor Army origins, cynder regrets that Dread was respondsable for it, though can't explain why.


Malcho and his carnotaur bodyguards find the cavern, but they drink from outside. The rumble awakens Aladar, Bruton suggests they get the others away. While walking through the cavern, Baylene accidently knocks the ceiling, causing a rock to fall and slide to the entrance. Malcho and his guards enter the cavern to find the Lougers. After a message to Thundera, Malcho orders his pets to kill them. A carnotaur charges at Aladar able to catch him, leaving his group to run from the predators. Bruton comes to the aid for Aladar and urges him to run, while he holds off the villains. Malcho confronts Iago, but gets distracted of the interfearence of Bruton, while the hyenas are able to free Iago and tied him to a blouder, which they pushed to prevent Malcho from becoming a threat. Bruton pushes the Carnotaurs to the cavern's support beam, but knocks the cavern down. A carnotaur is buried, but Bruton is also crushed as well.


Aladar runs to Bruton's body. After his lemur mother claims he's dead, Aladar mourns for his comrade. The rocks move to reveal Malcho and his surviving carnotaur. He orders a retreat and leaves the cavern swearing revenge.

Skirmish in the Nesting Grounds Cavern Entrance


Shell Louge Victory

  • Death of Bruton

Shell Louge Squad Dread's Army







Aladar's group



2 carnotaurs

Bruton 1 Carnotaur

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