Malock (New version)

Malock is a snake sorceror in the Fang Empire ranks that half-resembles Kaa.


In his days as a normal python, Malock was content to being a very feared snake. Until one day, back when the Second Cartoonian War was in it's prime, a battle in his territory of the Indian jungle occured, between Lord Cobra and Shen, against Shifu and a High Council army. Malock saw Shen and mistook him for the usual peacocks he devoured before, and attacked him. He did not expect Shen to defend himself well, and defeat him. Cobra came along and felt he could use another servent, so he summoned a powerful staff called "The Killer of Many" and granted it to Malock. The staff was a Darkspawn weapon and cursed Malock in a near similar way as Cobra, but only granted artificially magic hands, and a stupid wizards outfit. Irreguardless, Malock proved to be a very worthy opponent indeed. However, Shifu came out and defeated Malock swiftly and smoothly. Malock was abandoned by his supposed friends and was arrested by the High Council. Then he was sent to be imprisoned in the Moon of Galoon.

Years later, an assault by Emperor Fang's forces on the moon released Malock, and was taken before Emperor Fang himself. Fang was amazed by this strange wizard, stupid outfit aside, and dubbed him as his second adviser and royal court wizard. He is now an arch-competitive rival of Othello. Ironically enough, Matlock showed more loyalty to Fang and Othello then the Dark Dragon, which is why he then left the Empire to one day rejoin his master should the Dark Dragon's revolt begin.


  • "I can make your nuts disappear just as easily as I can make your butt disappear!"
  • "Note to self: Watchout for Othello."