Mama Odie and Juju

Mama Odie is a kindly old voodoo priestess who lives deep in the swamps of Louisiana. She is one of the minor protagonists who appears in Disney's 2009 film The Princess and the Frog where she acts as the film's Fairy Godmother.

Personality Edit

An eccentric, sunny, wise woman who has great power and doesn't use it to grant wishes. She challenges Tiana and Naveen to 'dig deeper' in themselves. Naveen wanted to be human and become wealthy - Mama Odie knew that wouldn't make him happy. He then realizes he can't marry Charlotte (for her money) because he's in love with Tiana.

Role in the filmEdit

Mama Odie first appears in the film rescuing Tiana and friends from Shadow Demons sent by Doctor Facilier. Mama Odie knows where the demons came from and asks whos been messing with the shadow man. Mama Odie takes them to her tree where they meet Juju and gets a lesson from Mama Odie by telling them to dig a little deeper for thier dreams. Tiana misunderstands and thinks she should just work harder for her restaurant. Which disappoints Mama Odie and her spoonbills. Mama Odie then informs them Naveen must kiss a princess (Charlotte La Bouff) before midnight for him and Tiana to become human once again. Mama Odie reappears at the end of the film presiding over Tiana and Naveen's marriage.

Role in the series

Mama Odie currently has not made any appearances yet in the series, but may soon enough, due to her status as a member of the High Council and is roughly at the same power level as Dr. Facilier. She fought in the First Cartoonian War during her tutelage under Master Yen Sid.

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