Mark the oviraptor is a spore character that Appeared in Spongebob and Friends meet dinosaur. he's based on a minor character in the film and was given a personaly as the jerk wise cracking husband. while he was not seen at the ending, it's assumed he's living happly, and possabley restored his relationship with his wife, Janet the Oviraptor. at first, it was the exact form of the Oviraptors of the origenal film, but due to the only role the oviraptors' play as simple egg eaters, spore versons had to be created, which resulted in slightly different appearences then actselly created. why was the appearence change so is possaly results of the radiation created from the meteor impact made by the Earth Golum, resumed a mutanted surviver, along with Janet, and the baseball-arguing Talarurus ankylosaurs, Frank and Joe, with some normal others.

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