Master Storming Ox

Master Storming Ox
is an ox and a master of Kung Fu. He was the star pupil of Master Thundering Rhino and now resides as a member of the Kung Fu Council.



Storming Ox's origins are currently unknown. However, it is noted that when he was young, he skipped his chores and snuck through Gongmen City into the palace to watch his Master, Thundering Rhino, spar. Ever the understandable Master, Thundering Rhino did not punish young Storming Ox, but instead rewarded his enthusiasm by training him in the art of Kung Fu. Storming Ox then went on to prove his skill and bravery by taking on the seventy-two bandits of the Wing Cho Province with naught but his bare horns.[2]

In Art of BalanceEdit

SPOILER ALERT! Plot and/or ending details follow below. (Skip section)[1]Master Ox in "One Set of Horns"Added by VaporMistPo tells the story of how Master Ox battled a swarm of two-hundred rat bandits in the rice fields of the Wing Cho Province. Master Ox had been trying to save crops after a storm flooded the field, when a group of rat bandits attacked him during his lunch break. He fought back using his strength and skill, but the bandits grew in number, and then formed a huge army, latching arms so as not to sink into the mire. This tactic impressed Master Ox, and he welcomed the challenge, fighting both the two-hundred bandits and the rice fields drowning him. Before becoming overwhelmed, he unleashed a great display of his brawn and forced the rats away with his powerful horns. He continued to fight off the bandits, and then revealed his own cunning by using the length of his horns and his speed as leverage to keep from sinking. He charged, sending the rats flying off into the skies. With the fight over, Master Ox noticed the time and saw his lunch break was over, and continued his work in the fields. The battle became known as the "most epically awesome of lunch breaks of all time". End spoilers===In Kung Fu Panda 2Edit=== SPOILER ALERT! Plot and/or ending details follow below. (Skip section)[2]Storming Ox watching Shen with Thundering Rhino, Croc, and the SoothsayerAdded by SpottedstarAs a member of the Kung Fu Council, Storming Ox was responsible for protecting Gongmen City alongside his comrade, Master Croc, as well as their mentor, Master Thundering Rhino. One day, a training session was interrupted by the unexpected appearance of Lord Shen, the banished heir to the city's throne. All three masters were surprised to see him, but when Shen demanded that they leave the palace, Ox and his allies made it clear that they would protect the city no matter what. Shen replied that he was glad they said that, just as several of his wolf soldiers rolled a large wooden box into the courtyard. When Storming Ox inquired to what was inside the box, Shen explained that it was a parting gift, in that it would literally part them. Outraged, Ox leaped at the peacock, followed closely by Croc. However, Shen was able to defeat both of them before turning his attentions to Thundering Rhino. The more powerful Kung Fu master was able to beat Shen by destroying his knives, but was effortlessly killed by the object in the box, Shen's cannon. With their master dead and fearing Shen would turn the weapon on the city, both Ox and Croc surrendered and were imprisoned in Gongmen Jail. [3]Added by SpottedstarMany days later, Po and the Furious Five broke into the jail in an attempt to free the two masters and enlist their aid in defeating Shen. However, neither Ox nor Croc was willing to leave their cell, and no amount of arguing or fighting (courtesy of Po trying to force them out of their cell) changed their minds.

Po and the Five set out to save the city without them, only to return later after failing to defeat the peacock and barely escaping from his falling tower. Storming Ox and Croc had been alerted to the sound of hundreds of wolves making their way through the city, and demanded what Po and the Five had done. They were ultimately ignored while Tigress confronted Po over his letting Shen escape. Storming Ox and Croc witnessed Po refusing to answer, Tigress deciding to leave him in the jail, and the brief fight that followed. Po eventually revealed his reasons for wanting to pursue Shen, and though empathetic, Tigress decided that he remain behind anyway. The Five left Po behind in the jail, entrusting his safety to the two masters. Storming Ox and Croc attempted to reassure Po, but it was no use as the panda followed the Five anyway. [4]Added by SpottedstarStorming Ox and Croc remained in Gongmen Jail until the night Shen's army was setting sail to invade China. Master Shifu arrived in the city from the Valley of Peace, and after some convincing from, both Ox and Croc finally decided to leave their prison and stop the peacock's plans. They soon reached Shen's armada, where Po and the Five were already fighting the mass army of wolves and gorillas. All nine warriors put up an enormous fight, but were ultimately blasted into the harbor by Shen's cannon. All but Po were too badly injured to fight from that point on. Ox was among the many who witnessed Po use inner peace to evade, deflect and reflect Shen's cannonfire back at his own fleet, destroying it in the process. [5]Added by JaDangerzAfter Po defeated Shen, Storming Ox was just as shocked as the other masters as he watched Po hug Tigress. However, he watched the fireworks display that resulted from Shen's destroyed Ship with considerable happiness, as Gongmen City celebrated the Kung Fu warriors' victory.

After Shen's defeat, Storming Ox presumably returned to his position in the Kung Fu Council ruling over Gongmen City, along with Croc. End spoilers==PersonalityEdit== Often hotheaded, favoring action over contemplation, Storming Ox was a constant challenge for his old Master. But he is also a loyal friend and trusted member of the Kung Fu Council, which protects the citizens of peaceful Gongmen City.[2] SPOILER ALERT! Plot and/or ending details follow below. (Skip section)Alas, he lost hope when he witnessed the death of his master by Shen's new weapon, and surrendered to the peacock's will. However, Shifu broke him and Croc out of jail and somehow managed to convince them to once again fight the good fight. End spoilers==Fighting StyleEdit== Storming Ox is a master strategist, able to deduce his opponent's weak spot to take him down. The horns of Storming Ox are his most deadly weapons, penetrating anything. He wields them with skill and bravery, able to handle dozens of attackers at once. Often quick to action, Storming Ox balances his impulsiveness with his loyalty to his teacher Master Thundering Rhino. Together, they sit on the Kung Fu Council, using their deadly Kung Fu to protect the weak.[2]

Role in the series

Master Storming Ox returns in the spongebob series, having been kidnapped by the Amarillo Kid, and forced to become the Villain League's counterpart to the reformed Shen, but that doesn't mean there isn't a plan to counteract this.

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