Meng Hong Kong is an orangutan bandit from DreamWorks China who was, or is, the leader of the Guild of China's Worse, the same bandit group where Sing Jin Sue worked after her banishment from the Valley of Peace. He is an agile combatant who lead the Guild for years along with Sing Jin, a treeshrew named Fin Wang, a leopard cat named Gin Xiao, and a tiger named Shu Jitsu. He briefly had tie-ins with Doctor Facilier, who only ended up forgetting about them and leaving them to get captured by Masters Ox, Croc and Chao. When Facilier broke them out and they failed to get an entire pit of dragon energy gems from the mines, they went on to lay low ever since, while Sing went on to be a secret ally to Professor Eagle Beak to be rid of Meng for his insensitivity, and will soon go through more bad tidings with the Shell Lodge Squad.


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Meng is a Bornean orangutan that wears a pair of pants similar to Tong Fo's, wears a black vest with a black band, has green eyes and a scar on his lip, and wears armbands.