The Head Mill-a-crab.

The Mill-A-Crabs were Joe's elite minions in Help, I'm A Fish! They were made intelligent due to Joe's intelligence potion, but only up to moronic idiot levels. They were then sent on a world-domination path, but they were eventually defeated by Fly and his friends, and most of them were either killed or left due to betrayal. When Joe became a Dark Spawn Lord, he used his dark magic to drag the survivng Mill-A-Crabs and the dead ones' souls to the Bnaished Realms, where he reformatted them into Dark Spawn warriors for him to control. Due to their previous betrayal, Malefor made sure to mind-wipe them in order to make them loyal again to Joe. Their special attack is to use their crab claws as slicing weapons or as bludgeoning clubs. it gave them the nick-name, "Foot-cutters". Phil even claims a dark spawn crab pinched the heel of Actilies, ruining the hero and Phil's fatch in the career in training heroes back in the first cartoonian war.
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the Head Mill-a-crab and his troops.


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