Mister Hammond T. Bottomfeeder is a fish from New Kelp City in the SpongeBob world. He is the thug who threatened SpongeBob into staying in Bikini Bottom following his memories being restored. Ever since, he declared a coup d'état on all of New Kelp City, acting as it's new mayor and banning bubbles entirely, as well as using that as an excuse to fix the criminal syndicate that his father was running and being destroyed by bubbles, and even made the Bubble Poppin Boys his main enforcers of the law against bubbles. Upon reaching it, and his father suffering a heart attack and thus making him the sole heir, he combined the two and made the already-ruined New Kelp City even worse. All the people who have nevertheless been lawful in this society have remained underground and under fear until they formed a rebellion which at first didn't do well until a lab rat from the surface named Gifford Labbs came in and gave them bubble-based technological equipment to help fight them off easier. Hammond continues to rule this corrupt city with an iron fin, and destroys anyone who stands in his way, first by vowing to find Gifford's Treedome home and destroy it, and always finds Gifford himself vulnerable when fighting in the rebellion because of one obvious weakness: his underwater suit, where a single sniper round can shatter the helmet and drown him, something of which he actually planned for because his experimentation gives him a higher lung capacity that can allow him to survive just long enough to get a source of air, and no matter how hard he tries, Bottomfeeder never manages to stop that from happening. He is willing to do anything, unethical or otherwise, to keep his criminal empire stable.


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  • (Introductory quote) "If I ever see Mayor Brown Pants again I'm gonna grab his little, yellow head and literally rip his!--" (The screen changes to "We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties. Please Stay Tuned.")


SAFC Appearance

He has a similar appearance to what he had in Whatever Happened to SpongeBob, but he has a dark-violet business suit, a gold belt, he still wears his red knit cap, a gold undershirt with Bermuda purple flower patterns, white pants, and has a golden tooth replacing the missing one in his debut. And since he matured, he went from the voice of Paul Tibbitt to Gary Busey.